We don’t always need a crystal ball to see the future. However, the current state of CPG marketing trends gives us a lot of information about how things are going and how we can expect them to develop over the coming years. Although disruption can happen and evolving technology has the power to divert the current path, we can see some solid trends that are sure to be around for a while.

Emerging Brands Challenge the Stalwarts

While disruption is often the goal with emerging brands, many are satisfied with simply carving a niche for themselves. This could be the difference between Dollar Shave Club…

If hotel reservations and airline ticket sales are any indication, the travel market has resurged with a vengeance. Coastal destinations have experienced a 42% increase in bookings over the summer of 2019, and mountain and lake resorts are up 44% over 2019.

With consumers clamoring for a vacation after a long eighteen months at home, the problem isn’t drumming up business for the travel market at all. So now, hospitality and travel brands must focus on how to be heard above all the noise, and as international travel destinations continue to open up, the buzz will only continue to grow.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot about buyer behavior, from online ordering to contactless payments and so much more. The world looks different now, and many of those changes will stick even after the virus fades.

Many of the changes made have been in the works for years, but without a pressing reason to widely adopt or even use them regularly, some of the technology we rely on so heavily today may have languished forever.

Instead, QR codes have made a considerable resurgence at restaurants, where diners can view menus on their mobile devices instead of handling menus. Uber…

Having worked with influencers for such brands as Barnes & Noble, Proctor & Gamble, Dell Computers, and Summit Brands, as well as brands in the food & beverage and wellness categories, we understand that when done correctly, influencer marketing is one of the most powerful marketing strategies available.

We’ve written about various influencer topics in the past, and one thing is clear: influencer marketing has evolved, and marketing strategies must also evolve to remain relevant.

Here are some of the influencer marketing trends predicted for 2021.

The Continued Rise of Micro and Nano-Influencers

Micro-influencers will continue to be more powerful than celebrity influencers for authentic engagement with…

2020 has been an extremely long, difficult year for many brands. COVID-19 has changed the landscape for many industries, perhaps none so much as for the food and beverage industry.

Interestingly, many of the food and beverage trends that first appeared in 2019 actually prepared consumers for the sheltering-in-place and social distancing required beginning in early March throughout the country. In 2021, we can expect to see new food trends and marketing strategies that have evolved out of necessity throughout 2020.

Delivery and Ghost Kitchens

Grocery and restaurant delivery was no stranger before COVID-19, but it quickly became a necessity once social distancing and…

Promoting branded content is more than just creating a blog post and sharing it on social media. To be successful, you must have a content marketing strategy that ensures you’re creating content your potential customers need, and then getting that content in front of them to achieve your sales objectives.

Consider the following tips when creating your content marketing strategy, and download our content strategy checklist.

Define Your Goals

A critical first step in developing your content marketing strategy, and in checking the most important goal off your content strategy checklist, is having a clear idea of what you’re trying to accomplish. For…

Consumers discover brands through various media, from television commercials to YouTube videos, from roadside billboards to social media boosted posts, and from print ads to a website. The delivery method varies wildly, but there is one thing all of these have in common: content.

With 77% of US adults online every day — and many saying they’re always online — brands must understand how to deliver online content to their target audience. Because without content, your potential customers will know nothing about your brand. Critical to creating your content marketing strategy is making sure you have a framework for developing…

COVID-19 is changing consumer behavior across all industries. Some of those changes are easy to see, and others were easy to predict. Who could miss the worldwide shortage of toilet paper that we’re still experiencing, even today? We probably could have predicted the increase in online shopping and stockpiling our pantries as well.

We don’t know yet how permanent these changes will be, though we can take a few hints from history. For instance, smart gyms and telehealth services were already on the rise before the pandemic. Continued popularity with consumers once life returns to “normal” isn’t hard to foresee.

Influencer marketing is nothing new. Ninety-two percent of consumers say that recommendations from people they know or follow are more powerful than brand advertising, and 74% say that word-of-mouth influences their purchasing decisions. It’s also why 67% of brands plan to increase their influencer marketing budgets this year.

In our new reality, with US consumers currently sheltering in place, influencer marketing has become even more powerful. With less access to non-essential items, consumers are relying on word-of-mouth recommendations more than ever before.

But while most influencers are reputable and have spent years building authentic connections to their followers, there’s a…

It seems like everywhere we turn there is advice on how to market our brands, with new digital marketing innovations promising to bring success beyond our wildest dreams.

And even though some of these new strategies will stand the test of time, there are also marketing pitfalls to avoid. Following are three to watch for.

Falling Prey to Influencer Fraud

In 2019, more than $1.4 billion was spent on influencer marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, $255 million of that was spent on influencers with fake Instagram followers. …

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