How to Nail Your Content Marketing Strategy: Part 1

Find Your Brand Voice

Your brand voice is what you sound like to consumers as you communicate your values and mission. You should think of your brand voice precisely as you would your speaking or singing voice, making sure that your tone, clarity, and focus are totally authentic. Authenticity is crucial to building consumer trust in your brand.

Develop a Strategy

Your content marketing strategy serves as a blueprint as you build your content library. Every piece you create and share should have a purpose; otherwise, you’ll spin your wheels and get nowhere.

  • Identify Your Audience
  • Map the Buyer’s Journey
  • Create Customer Personas
  • Check Out Your Competition
  • Set Measurable Objectives
  • Identify Your Unique POV
  • Research & Identify Keywords for Maximum SEO
  • Identify Distribution Channels
  • Create a Content Map
  • Map Out Editorial Calendar
  • Create Content Workflow
  • Distribute and Market

Capture Your Audience

What good is content if your customers aren’t consuming it? Not much. To get their attention, make sure your headline grabs their attention and lets your brand personality shine through. Your overall message needs to have value and your content needs to support your headline, or your content may be seen as clickbait.

Use Evergreen Content

Because content around current events has a short shelf life, evergreen content should also be a staple in your content marketing strategy. Evergreen content is content you can post, repost, share, and reshare over and over without fear that it will become obsolete due to season changes or news updates.

Maximize Traffic on Legacy Content

Evergreen content can also form a foundation to drive traffic to your brand over and over again. Sometimes a simple social media share is all you need to spark interest in older content you’ve created.

  • Create a case study to prove the theories posed in previous blogs and articles.
  • Transform a blog into an infographic or video.
  • Use information from an infographic to create a blog.
  • Distribute articles to publications based on your “owned” content.



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